My two cents on buying swtor credits

If you play the game Star Wars – The Old Republic, then you know how important swtor credits are. With credits, you can do a whole lot, but most notably, you can buy some great gear in the galactic market kiosk. This alone can make a huge difference in how powerful your character is, whether he/she happens to be Sith or Jedi.

The eagerness of people to acquire credits sometimes makes them decide to buy them from places like Ebay. There are people on Ebay selling 1 million credits for around $11 as of this writing. Should you use such services?

My personal feeling is that you should not, and there are two reasons I say this. First, playing any massively multiplayer online game requires a lot of time, and much of the job of playing comes from what you accomplish through your own hard work. Why tarnish this feeling by essentially buying credits instead of earning them. In many people’s books, this is essentially tantamount to cheating. Some players may be perfectly fine buying credits, but I am not one of those players. You may think it is a great idea, but after you actually buy the credits, then any further accomplishments on your character may ring hollow, since you’ll know that you did not earn them legitimately.

The second reason buying credits is a bad idea is that is directly goes against the terms and services of the game. In all honesty, you probably will not get caught, but why take the risk? Given all the effort you’ve already put into the game, my opinion is that it’s just not worth jeopardizing that.

A much better option is to find out techniques to make credits quicker. To this end, you can check out swtor credit guides and other resources. Some of the better information may cost you money, but at least you’ll learn new things and power up your character in ways that is not frowned upon by the gaming community.